Timeline of our progress

Timeline of our progress


• Izmone LLC was established by a team of architects and construction specialists in Nov 2006.

• Union of Mongolian Architects named Mr. Amartuvshin.O , Izmone CEO, the Best Architect of 2006 for his office building design project            done for Ecology Group.


• The company was licensed to produce architectural designs for residential, public and industrial buildings with the Resolution No. ZT16-          00580/07 dated 13th Sep 2007 of the Minister of Construction and Urban Development. 

• Izmone LLC joined the Union of Mongolian Architects as a golden member.


• Izmone LLC joined the Association of Architects and Construction Designers as a platinum member.

• We have signed cooperation agreement with “USA Development Service Inc”

• We have signed cooperation memorandum with representative of “ThyssenKrupp” group ( Germany )

• We have signed cooperation agreement with “SUNG IL Architect & Engineers” group ( South Korea )


• Despite the negative impact of the global financial crisis on the construction sector of Mongolia, the sales revenue of 2009 did not decrease      from the previous year’s level.

• Participated in the Asian Architectures’ ARCASIA 15 Forum.

• Mr. Аmartuvshin O., Izmone CEO, was named the Best Architect of 2009 with his architectural design “Lux House-3”.


• The company’s policy was articulated to highlight architectural designing and construction of mining factories as the company’s main focus      area.

• The company signed a Cooperation Agreement with MoEnCo LLC, which represents the Mongolia Energy Corporation in Mongolia, for joint development of several design projects. These were the general plan of the Yarant customs area in Bulgan soum of Khovd province, a miners’ camp and auto service center in Tsetseg soum, a technical service center at the Barlag canyon, and an auto service center and a residential building for trained workers in Bulgan soum.  

• We joined the network of suppliers to Oyu Tolgoi project.

• We have signed cooperation agreement with “Grand Facade Decoration Engineering” ( China )

• We have signed cooperation agreement with “Shandong Huajian Aluminium”   (China )

• We updated our construction license and acquired the permission to assemble steel concrete  and metal frameworks.

• Izmone LLC was named one of the Best Mongolian Suppliers of 2010 by Oyu Tolgoi LLC for the “best complete and timely delivery”.

• Izmone LLC was named the Best Architectural Firm of 2010 of Mongolia.


• Izmone LLC was named the Best Architectural Firm of 2012 of Mongolia. Airport building "Altai"