About Company

About company

Our company runs activity in cooperation with many foreign and native firms; this activity was started from architectural design, but after time it were spreaded on to construction and production of construction materials also and now we strive to contribute to national development of our county.

Izmone is one of largest companies in Mongolia that working in sphere of architectural design and construction  by increasing of incomes in 2010 our company takes first place in construction sector. We implement highest responsibility in our business, thus we monitor qualities of design and construction on all steps of process. Also, we take attention on using environment-friendly, safety construction materials. 

Besides of designing and using most modern technological and technical solutions, we differ from competitors by implementing of money-efficient solutions. We have all necessary rights and licenses given by Ministry of Roads, transport, construction and urban development to design and construct buildings in time with best quality and pass them on use to owners. 

We will Plan, Design, and Construct.

Plan – People and organizations that order construction works and services face many hardships due to the poor urban planning of the present. It is vital to determine the optimal design, planning, and construction solutions based on accurate technical and economic rationale that include predictions of the costs and possible risks and environmental considerations such as preference for environmentally friendly building materials.

Design – Regardless of the type and size of the structure requested by the client, we exert all our talents and skills to deliver top-notch products. Izmone LLC utilizes state-of-the-art equipments and software in designing and planning multiple-story office buildings, schools, mining sites and urban settlements.

Construct – Our clients repeatedly choose us because they are confident that we will deliver excellent products in a timely manner in strict observance of the contract terms. We keep our clients updated on the progress, costs, and management of the work they have ordered through regular reports. Therefore, our clients stay in control of the project’s progress.

Brief Overview of Izmone LLC

• Staff of 50 people (by February 2011)

• Floating capital: MNT 1.7 billion

• Established in 2006

• CEO: Amartuvshin О.

Our company is one of the leading architectural, design, and planning firms of Mongolia.

• We have 4 consultant engineers, 1 consultant architect, and 2 professional architects.

• We became the industrial leader in terms of the growth of the sales income.

• We were selected as the best architectural design firm of 2006, 2009, 2010 and 2012.

• Our architectural design projects are being constructed in foreign countries.

We are well aware of the local specifics of the construction sites.

• Izmone LLC leads the industry by the number and qualification of the engineering and technical staffs. You may refer to our website             for information on our projects completed in rural areas.