Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Izmone LLC strives to reinforce good corporate governance by honoring business ethics, ensuring the integrity of our staffs, creating an environment of mutual respect, establishing efficient incentives’ system, and nurturing our specific organizational culture.

The Company Statement on Ethics, Values, and Accountability adopted by the Steering Committee articulates the guiding principles of the company that have gained us the trust of the Steering Committee, our staffs, and our business partners. This statement is the symbol of our commitment to improving the social responsibility and corporate governance of the company.

The Company Code of Ethics consists of the main principles that every employee has to respect and expresses the core values of integrity and accountability that make up the basis of the organizational culture.

The Governing Council endorsed the company's  code of  moral standards of liability, and thus expressed our belief that the responsibility  of the company to the society  will increase, and management will be improved.