Architect & Engineering

Architect & Engineering

Professional consultancy

We provide professional consultation and problem analysis at every phase of the construction process, and assist you in determining the most economically viable solutions. 

General plan

By producing a professional general plan, we help create a satisfying residential or work place environment through determining the optimal architectural and spatial composition for the location in question. Also, we conceptualize the most appropriate structural, organizational, infrastructural, road networking, and landscaping solutions, and offer a sound neighborhood and facilities development plan. As a rule, a general plan must closely conform to the master plans of Ulaanbaatar city and other development centers.

Complete architectural designing for Residential, Industrial & Public buildings and private houses

For all types of construction, we deliver professionally executed architectural designs that offer optimal architectural, spatial and engineering solutions to meet the clients’ demands and existing construction standards. 

Exterior & Interior designs, Lighting and Decoration, Landscaping 

This type of design helps you fully utilize the available spaces and creates an enjoyable environment with innovative color and design solutions that will please your eyes. By providing exterior design complete with lighting decorations and landscaping/ gardening composition, we will not only transform the appearance of your building and the surrounding area, but also create the most enjoyable environment for your personal life and career.