Construction Work

Construction Work

Construction service

Quality of building heavily depends on two conditions: quality of construction materials and qualification of team of engineers and workers. We  own  both of them, so, we can do our work in time and with best quality by money-efficient ways.

In process of construction, we take attention on complying with safety regulations and usage of modern technologies and equipment.

Producing and installation of windows, doors and storefronts

Izmone Aluminium LLC produces Prevost branded glass/aluminium storefronts, front-walls, windows and doors in cooperation with Canadian “A.&D. Prevost Inc” with usage of most modern equipments and newest technologies. Climate of Canada is same with Mongolian, this was a reason of our choice of Prevost brand.  This brand has high frost-resistance, wet-proofing, good thermal insulation and sound proofing.

Our company is best-working high-professional team with highest capability, that try to meet needs of our Clients.

Other products and services

• Intermediation for all types of construction services

• Project management, financial analysis and budgeting